*iuliana* Corsets Shop in Harajuku- Omodesando, Tokyo, is a store dedicated to corsets and sexy lingerie lovers.

Since 2007 we provide custom made corsets and costumes in leather and fabrics, accessories, import lingeries and corset matching items at affordable prices.


Corset is the symbol of eternal feminine beauty.
Corset is a versatile piece of garment that has the power to change your life.
Corset is a fetish icon that goes with torture and whips, collar and leash, hogtied beauties, dominant damsels or girls in chains.
Corset is a staple of fetish fashion worn by Fetish Goddesses, Bizarre Beauties, Gothic Lolita Cuties, Cosplayers, Burlesque Dancers with sparkling pasties and scintillating G-Strings.

Corset is tool for diet,
for those who need instantly a slender waist
and for tight-lacers who want extra feminine curves.

Corset as fashion for everyday woman can be worn as a cleavage enhancing bustier,
as a fashion accessory instead of a wide belt,
as shaping undergarment that improves your style and boost your confidence,
as a piece of sexy lingerie.

Corset is also a symbol of LGBT.

Corset can be used for medical reasons, such as improving back pain.

Corset F.A.Q.

1. Is Corset good for Diet?
Yes. If you wear a corset, you won't be able to eat same amount of food that you eat while you are not wearing corset.
Corset won't let your stomach expand, so you will feel full without eating too much.

2. Is Corset making you feel sick?
If you choose to wear your corset right after your meal, especially if you are a bit over weight, it might make you feel sick.
To prevent this problem, always put on your corset while you are on empty stomach.

3. Does Corset hurt?
No, if it's the right corset for you.
If you wear the right size and shape for your body, it will fit like a glove, you will feel hugged by your corset.
If the corset style and size is not matching your body type, the steel bones and busk might give you some discomfort.
This happens mostly if you wear very cheap, ready made corsets, that you find all over the internet.

4. How to know which corset type is good for me?
If you are not sure which corset is good for you, ask for advice the corset shop worker.
A corset that fits you will give you that pleasant feeling of being hugged.
It won't stab your chest or lower abdomen with the busk (front metal clasp).
The steel bones tips won't hurt your hip bones or ribs.
You should have enough gap at the back of your corset to squeeze in your waist.
Wearing the right corset for you, you should, you can move, sit, stand without pain and discomfort.

5. How to coordinate corsets with other clothes?
You can wear an over bust corset as a top with jeans or skirt.
Use an under bust corset as an accessory accentuating waist line, over a dress or other clothes.
Corset can be used as undergarment under a tailored dress, under a pair of jeans or under a skirt, to instantly slim your waist.
You can coordinate your corset with matching sexy lingerie.


*available only for residents of Japan who can come to our store for fitting*

If you have an interest in corsets, than our shop is for you.
Made to measure corsets and costumes tailored to customer's needs and budget.
Only for residents of Japan who can come to our store for fitting during the manufacturing process.

Please, visit our store!


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everyday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Phone & FAX: (03) 5468-5033
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